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Top 53 New Characters That Are Coming In Young Justice Season 3

[April Fools comedy post, none of this is real except for the fact that these are all characters fans have asked for in season 3 since it was announced. Even if it’s just a joke you can read my slow decent into madness as the list goes on. 😉
I’ve also added some commentary at the end if anyone’s curious about the hows and whys this post was made.

Since the revival of Young Justice for a third season many fans have speculated what’s going to be happening in this new season, and just what new characters will be appearing. Well wait no longer as I have been given insider info about who is going to be showing up in season 3! It’s going to be a jam packed season with so many fan favourite characters, you just won’t believe who’s going to show up!

Season 3 is being made because of the giant outpouring of fan support for so many years, it wouldn’t be happening without that devotion from the fanbase. So to truly show their appreciation to the fans the creators are putting in all of your fan requested characters, every single one of them. These are all 100% real fan suggestions for characters to appear in season 3, all taken from when Warner Bros. announced the renewal. I’ve even been given some new artwork in advance to show off some of these new characters that are coming in season 3.

Warning: this is an image heavy post! Seriously there’s 53 images here and one gif. You’ve been warned!

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Should Wonder Woman be a Lesbian?


That’s a question a lot of people have asked over the years. It’s been the subject of much debate, internet fan bickering, academic essays, and thesis’. Some say yes, others vehemently disagree, and then there are those who just want to make porn. All in all it’s a complicated issue.

I feel the need to raise the question again after the recent announcement that in Justice League #12 Superman and Wonder Woman will “begin a super romance.” Now I’m too cynical and jaded by modern comic industry practices to actually believe this “romance” will last a full year. However this latest headline grabbing short term sales spiking move did make me ask the question “why Superman and Wonder Woman?” In most out of continuity Elseworld stories they’re paired together for the same lazy writing reasons, “they’re so similar” but that doesn’t make much of an interesting story in a canon comic. Why not actually shake things up and have Superman date Black Canary or have Wonder Woman flirt with Batwoman (she’s in a relationship with Maggie Sawyer at the moment so dating Wondey is out of the question)? That’d actually be something new and different that DC could play with instead of travelling the safe and well traversed road they’re going down.

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The Shipping Paradigm


If you’ve ever been a part of a fandom you would’ve come across shipping in some form. If you haven’t then let me explain: “ship” is short for “relationship” and describes a romantic relationship between at least two characters in a series. A “ship” is a preferred couple that you like and “shipping” is wanting them to get together. This is a major part of fandom for some people and if you think a series doesn’t have shipping then you’re not looking into the fandom that hard. The video game series Portal only has one human character and she has been shipped with the homicidal computer trying to kill her and an inanimate lifeless cube. Fans will find something to ship, no matter what.

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