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Suicide Squad Review


This movie, it’s just a mess. It might be an enjoyable mess for some, but it’s still just a mess. There’s all this talk about how the critics hate DC movies and how it’s so much better than what the critics are saying. Honestly it is as bad as what the critics are saying, it’s a badly put together movie with a generic plot and it utterly wastes the majority of its characters. There’s just enough things that are “fun” that some fans can latch onto and ride out for the rest of the movie. But having fun parts doesn’t mean it’s a good well put together movie. Liking flawed movies isn’t bad, but the critics aren’t wrong for pointing out those flaws either.

The plot of this movie is that Amanda Waller wants to put together a black ops team of supervillains in order to face any possible new meta-human threat now that Superman is dead. Before the team is even assembled one of their number, the Enchantress, slips away and tries to end the world. So Waller sends in the rest of the Suicide Squad. Then it plays out like a bog standard action movie.

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Batman the Killing Joke Animated Movie Review

KJ going looney

I’ve made my thoughts on the Killing Joke known already, at great length in fact, but with this new animated movie there’s some new things to talk about. It’s another Bruce Timm project, something he’s apparently been trying to make for at least 10 years now, with Brian Azzarello writing and Sam Liu directing. The movie had a 30 minute Batgirl sequence at the beginning before the Killing Joke starts, because the comic was too short to make into a 70 minute movie. That sequence has become the centre of much attention as it includes Batgirl and Batman have rooftop sex, but that certainly not the end of rather questionable decisions made for this movie. The rest of the Batgirl additions aren’t particularly good, the Killing Joke parts are lacklustre at best, and all in all it’s a rather lame duck to the usually good quality of the DC Animated Movie scene. But much like the Killing Joke comic I can’t help but talk for far too long about how this movie fails and why this missed the mark so thoroughly.

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Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Review


This movie… I wanted to like this movie. I love Batman, I love all the animated DC shows and movies, and even though I didn’t think a vs movie was a good idea I had hoped they could make something good out of it. Even though it was Zack Snyder directing again I thought that he at least would bring some fun visual fight scenes through out the movie. I had thought, I had hoped, I had wanted to see the DC universe that I love to be made into live action movies. But I was in denial when all the warning signs came in, the rumours, the trailers, even when the first reviews came in I thought they we too crazy to be true. The movie couldn’t be that bad. No one at Warner Brothers could let sure an appealing movie get made.

I was wrong. Everything you’ve read online is true, every crazy thing about this movie is true.

Spoiler free review: Nothing happens for two thirds of this movie. It’s boring, dull, and incoherent. The things we do see do not matter in the end, the things that do matter are so nonsensical that you’ll be left trying to figure out why they happened because no reasons are given in this movie. The big “V” in the title, that big fight, is about eight minutes long and could’ve been entirely avoided if Superman had told Batman what he said he was going to tell Batman but didn’t bother to until after the fight. It’s not even an interesting fight. The “hints towards the Justice League movie” are also nonsensical, pointless, and will leave you wondering how the hell those people knew about all that.

Do not go see this movie. I don’t like saying that because people are allowed to have different opinions than mine and I don’t care if you like something I hate, enjoy whatever you like. But this movie is just not worth it. It’s a bad movie that’s not entertainingly bad. The only entertainment value after watching it is telling other people about the crazy nonsensical plot of this movie.

Instead of watching this movie here’s some recommendations for Batman/Superman things better than it. The Dark Knight Returns (the movie rips so much off from this story you might as well watch the animated movie, plus it has a better Batman/Superman fight), Batman The Brave and the Bold Season 3 Episode 1 ‘Battle of the Superheroes’, The Batman season 5 Episodes 1&2 ‘The Batman/Superman Story’, Batman/Superman Worlds Finest (compilation movie of the Superman TAS episodes). Batman Mask of the Phantasm (best Batman movie ever made), 60s Batman, All Star Superman, Superman Unbound, Superman vs the Elite, Superman/Batman Public Enemies, Superman/Batman Apocalypse, Batman Under the Red Hood. And that’s just movies and stand alone episodes. Watch anything Batman or Superman related and it’s better than this movie.

Very spoiler filled review down below. I spoil everything.

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Batman Bad Blood Review

Batman Bad Blood 2

The latest DC animated movie is out and it’s the continuation of the Son of Batman story in Batman Bad Blood. Batman has gone missing and is presumed dead so it’s up to former Robin Dick Grayson to don the Batman costume with Bruce’s son Damian as his Robin to try and bring order to Gotham as it comes under a new threat. This movie also introduces Batwoman and Batwing in their first animated appearance. This review will contain spoilers and discussion of one of the bigger twists of the movie.

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Marvel’s Civil War Would Make a Terrible Movie

Civil War we dont care

There seems to be a popular fan request and general hope that one of the Avengers movies will adapt the Civil War storyline from the comic. The basic reasoning is that the fans want to see Captain America and Iron Man fighting over a morally grey issue with a story that makes Cap’s side right while having Iron Man be as out of character as possible to justify his evil actions. Mainly they just want a basic excuse for heroes to fight each other. I have no love for this comic story and it does make me wince seeing fan made posters and comments about a potential movie based on it. Honestly I just don’t think it would be a good idea for a movie and wouldn’t work in the continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hopefully I can illustrate why in this post.

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The Problems with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SUCK

The first season of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has now finished, and with a second season sadly on the way, lets look back at all problems this show needs to fix. It’s been critically panned, labelled underwhelming, boring, with terrible characters, and a main plot so weak it needed to be padded out for two thirds of the season. But since it’s Marvel the geek circles are talking about it and it’s got some fans that praise it and overlook the faults because it has references the movies. But what went wrong, and how did such a promising idea end up going so badly? Spoilers for the entire first season.

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Action Cartoons, Girl Viewers, and Misogynistic Marketing


If you’ve been linked here by another blog, especially one purporting to be about why certain shows were cancelled, read my additions to this post at the bottom of the page. (edit Jan 2017)

Recently there was a small controversy in the animation community where fans found out that the networks don’t want girls watching the boy’s shows. Worse they don’t actively don’t care about girls. Misogynistic marketing was exposed and there was an outcry against it. This isn’t new, it’s been going on for decades and this type of misogyny is deeply engrained in our culture.

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Hulk and Iron Man: Heroes United Review


Marvel has made another animated direct to DVD movie, this time a cgi team-up with their two biggest sells, well the ones they still have the movie rights to anyway. Simply put it is horrible. Easily the worst piece of Marvel animation in the last ten years, only surpassed by the late 90s cartoons when Marvel went into bankruptcy and when Reed Richards defeated Magneto with a wooden gun. So let’s see why it’s so terrible.

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Avatar: Legend of Korra Book 2 Spirits Review

Korra title

Spoilers ahead


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Ultimate Spider-Man Comics: The Good, The Bad, The Repetitive


With the Ultimate line of Marvel comics possibly coming to an end soon with their next big event, Cataclysm, it’s a good time to look back over the thirteen years of this alternate Spider-Man comic series. While it is critically acclaimed there are still a lot of problems with the series that don’t seem to get mentioned in the usual complaints about it. So I’m going to talk about a lot of the positive and negative parts these comics had from their over ten year history. I’ve talked about some parts of this comic before, the Jessica Drew character mainly, so I’ll be ignoring them here since I have nothing new to add and I have a lot of other things to cover.

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