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How to Fix Man of Steel


The first of a possibly recurring feature here called “How to fix” looking at various shows and movies seen as terrible, or problem filled, and pondering how to fix them. It’s still possible to like these series while acknowledging their problems, and you may not agree with me, and that’s okay. Everything here is my own opinion of what went wrong with these works, not based on some idealistic metric of what’s considered good and bad. The movie I’ll be tackling this time is Man of Steel, love it or hate it the movie still had its fair share of problems. I don’t expect to get through all of them, but I’m hoping to hit the major ones. I’ll also try to line up these fixes with up with what’s been shown in the sequel trailers, to show that there didn’t need to be big fundamental changes in order to get a better movie.

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Marvel’s Civil War Would Make a Terrible Movie

Civil War we dont care

There seems to be a popular fan request and general hope that one of the Avengers movies will adapt the Civil War storyline from the comic. The basic reasoning is that the fans want to see Captain America and Iron Man fighting over a morally grey issue with a story that makes Cap’s side right while having Iron Man be as out of character as possible to justify his evil actions. Mainly they just want a basic excuse for heroes to fight each other. I have no love for this comic story and it does make me wince seeing fan made posters and comments about a potential movie based on it. Honestly I just don’t think it would be a good idea for a movie and wouldn’t work in the continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hopefully I can illustrate why in this post.

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Action Cartoons, Girl Viewers, and Misogynistic Marketing


If you’ve been linked here by another blog, especially one purporting to be about why certain shows were cancelled, read my additions to this post at the bottom of the page. (edit Jan 2017)

Recently there was a small controversy in the animation community where fans found out that the networks don’t want girls watching the boy’s shows. Worse they don’t actively don’t care about girls. Misogynistic marketing was exposed and there was an outcry against it. This isn’t new, it’s been going on for decades and this type of misogyny is deeply engrained in our culture.

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Why Can’t Wonder Woman Get A Movie?


With the recent announcement of a Batman/Superman movie, a Flash, Jim Gordon, and Constantine TV series’ in the works there’s been a question bandied about, where’s Wonder Woman? She’s the most prominent female superhero and yet she can’t even get her own TV series off the ground let alone a movie. She’s never had an animated series like Batman or Superman, when she does appear in a cartoon it’s not usually a plot centred on her or use her more than a cameo. There are exceptions, such as the Bruce Timm Justice League cartoon or her own animated movie, but as more cartoons are made those seem more like exceptions than anything else. Green Lantern gets more of a spotlight than her; being a prominent guest star on The Batman and Batman the Brave and the Bold, as well as getting his own movie and cartoon series.

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Hollywood and Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim and Hollywood 2

With Pacific Rim currently out and the big thing to talk about is how it isn’t a box-office smash but falling just behind the dreadful Grown-ups 2, Adam Sandler’s latest terrible comedy to get him and his buddies big pay checks. Now this comes with questions of why that is, how could that possibly happen, and what that says about us as a culture.

To start with Pacific Rim is an amazing film, best summer blockbuster I’ve seen in a while. It’s actually fairly smart, doesn’t talk down to the audience, and we can tell what’s happening in the fight scenes. There may be many reasons for it failing to grab a bigger audience but the quality of the film isn’t one of them. The film has the heart of the classic action blockbusters. I would recommend it to anyone who likes action movies.

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