My own rewatching of shows and commenting on them in not exactly huge detail. They’re not quite reviews and not quite analysis, they’re just whatever I feel like talking about after I rewatch an episode. Sometimes it’d be about the episode, and other times it’d be an idea sparked from the episode. Starting with Young Justice, posting new episodes daily, but if it doesn’t kill me then I might do another series. The key word being IF.

Young Justice:
Episode 1: Independence Day
Episode 2: Fireworks
Episode 3: Welcome to Happy Harbor
Episode 4: Drop-Zone
Episode 5: Schooled
Episode 6: Infiltrator
Episode 7: Denial
Episode 8: Downtime
Episode 9: Bereft
Episode 10: Targets
Episode 11: Terrors
Episode 12: Homefront
Episode 13: Alpha Male
Episode 14: Revelation
Episode 15: Humanity
Episode 16: Failsafe
Episode 17: Disordered
Episode 18: Secrets
Episode 19: Misplaced
Episode 20: Coldhearted
Episode 21: Image
Episode 22: Agendas
Episode 23: Insecurity
Episode 24: Performance
Episode 25: Usual Suspects
Episode 26: Auld Acquaintance

Young Justice Season 2 Invasion:
Episode 1: Happy New Year
Episode 2: Earthlings
Episode 3: Alienated
Episode 4: Salvage
Episode 5: Beneath
Episode 6: Bloodlines
Episode 7: Depths
Episode 8: Satisfaction
Episode 9: Darkest
Episode 10: Before The Dawn
Episode 11: Cornered
Episode 12: Colors
Episode 13: The Fix
Episode 14: Runaways
Episode 15: War
Episode 16: Complications
Episode 17: The Hunt
Episode 18: Intervention
Episode 19: Summit
Episode 20: Endgame

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