This is the archive for all of the articles I’ve written for the Debrief. From current issues in cartoons and comics, to sexuality and gender issues, to just plain ol’ flights of fancy. If you have any suggestions for future articles don’t hesitate to comment below.


Cartoons Aren’t Just for Kids

“It’s for Kids” Is Not An Excuse!

How to Get Into Comics

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Films Retrospective

Ultimate Spider-Woman: Transgender or Wasted Potential?

The Shipping Paradigm

Should Wonder Woman be a Lesbian?

Why Sexual Diversity in Media is Important

For Fanservice!

Time Travel for Wholesale

Sonic The Hedgehog is an Eco-Terrorist

Romance in Fiction

Thoughts on Spider-Man TAS

Serial Fiction & Jeph Loeb

Why ‘Who Could Win In A Fight?’ Is a Stupid Question

Young Justice: A Polarised Fanbase

Why I Dislike The New Batman Adventures

When Will LGBT Characters Be In Cartoons?

Batman: Hush is an Overrated Comic

Questions on Iron Man Three

Shezow! has an agenda?

Superman: Thoughts on the Man of Tomorrow

Hollywood and Pacific Rim

Ultimate Spider-Woman: Definitely Wasted Potential

Why Can’t Wonder Woman Get A Movie?

Is there too much Batman?

X-Men – Love the Concept, Hate the Comics

Ultimate Spider-Man Comics: The Good, The Bad, The Repetitive

Action Cartoons, Girl Viewers, and Misogynistic Marketing

Repercussions of Captain America: Winter Soldier

The Problems with Agents of SHIELD

Marvel’s Civil War Would Make a Terrible Movie

Batman The Killing Joke Retrospective

Justice League Action, Fans, and the 11 Minute Format

How to Fix Man of Steel

Supergirl is better than Superman

Young Justice Zatanna was the best Zatanna

Some Problems with the DC TV Shows

Top 53 New Characters That Are Coming In Young Justice Season 3 (April fools post)

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