Hello and welcome to the Debrief, I am Reaf or James Miller to the British government, but more commonly known as Reaf these days. I am a writer and in order to discipline myself I have decided to write articles and reviews weekly. This little site will collect all of them for your reading pleasure. I will be covering popular culture such as Comics, Animation, TV shows, Films, and whatever else may take my fancy. Everything on the site is my own personal opinion; feel free to disagree with anything I say. Any and all constructive criticism is welcome.

The site updates weekly.

You can follow me on Twitter @WCReaf for site updates and any other random nonsense I tweet about. I also have a Tumblr called “The Reaf Debrief” where post and reblog a lot of random stuff that interests me. My ask box is always open, so ask me anything.

If you have any question/comments/what ever else then you can email me at: JMReaf@gmail.com

  1. Howdy Reaf, I wanted to talk to you about something, and I was hoping there would be a way for me to get your contact info (e-mail or something), so we can discuss in private, so I don’t end up spamming your about page. Get back to me as soon as possible! Thanks man!


    • OK, sure. I’ve posted a link on this page, since I probably should’ve done that anyway.

      What’s this about?


      • Ok, I sent it, so hopefully it should be sitting there in your e-mail, and we can take this conversation outside your about page! Thanks in advance!


  2. Will you ever review Teen Titans? Just since you’ve looked at Young Justice.


    • I did like the first series, mostly, and I remember there being some really great moments once the series got going. I’ll give it a go, it gives me the excuse to rewatch it all again.

      Thank you for the suggestion.


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