Top 53 New Characters That Are Coming In Young Justice Season 3

[April Fools comedy post, none of this is real except for the fact that these are all characters fans have asked for in season 3 since it was announced. Even if it’s just a joke you can read my slow decent into madness as the list goes on. 😉
I’ve also added some commentary at the end if anyone’s curious about the hows and whys this post was made.

Since the revival of Young Justice for a third season many fans have speculated what’s going to be happening in this new season, and just what new characters will be appearing. Well wait no longer as I have been given insider info about who is going to be showing up in season 3! It’s going to be a jam packed season with so many fan favourite characters, you just won’t believe who’s going to show up!

Season 3 is being made because of the giant outpouring of fan support for so many years, it wouldn’t be happening without that devotion from the fanbase. So to truly show their appreciation to the fans the creators are putting in all of your fan requested characters, every single one of them. These are all 100% real fan suggestions for characters to appear in season 3, all taken from when Warner Bros. announced the renewal. I’ve even been given some new artwork in advance to show off some of these new characters that are coming in season 3.

Warning: this is an image heavy post! Seriously there’s 53 images here and one gif. You’ve been warned!

01. Starfire

Koriand’r is the dethroned princess of the alien world Tamaran, she comes to Earth seeking refuge and finds a new home and some new friends with The Team. She takes on the name Starfire and helps save the world, a lot. We hear about her world a bit, get some small hints about what was going on, but nothing is ever really said about it because it is too painful for Kori at this point in time and it doesn’t seem relevant.

Then we learn that the people who took over Tamaran are from Apokolips and it’s been conquered by the all mighty Darkseid as he searches for the Anti-Life equation. That’s how The Team learn about Darkseid, his connection to The Light, and gives them an even greater motive to stop him. They must fight on to stage a revolution and free Kori’s home before Darkseid’s reign permanently destroys it.

02. Raven

Raven is a new member of The Team, she’s kind of shy and keeps to herself. She has magic powers and can do lots of wazy and creative stuff, but she’s still considered the creepy goth kid of The Team. It’s only really Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Cyborg, who befriend her at first. Then as the season goes on she does end up getting the rest of The Team’s friendship. It’s a long road but it’s worth it in the end.

Her past is also alluded to at points, particularly her mysterious father. It’s not really brought up much, except for a few hints, and it’s expected that will be the forth season’s storyarc after Darkseid is defeated. Trigon as the big bad for season 4 and the focus on more of the magical elements would make the most sense. Then other magic users can get more of a spotlight, maybe even advance that Dr Fate/Zatara/Zatanna story that’s been simmering in the background these past few seasons. Who knows.

03. Cyborg

Victor Stone was once a high school football star till a tragic accident happened. His life was saved by his brilliant scientist father who performed a dangerous experimental procedure to turn Victor into a cyborg. Victor’s life was forever changed, now he is an outcast in society, with some lingering resentment of his father, but also a new passion for using his new abilities to save innocents. Victor gets asked to join The Team and he jumps at the chance.

With The Team he starts to feel normal again, like he’s back hanging out with all his friends and things start improving for him. Even getting on the road to patching things up with his dad. Recent versions of Cyborg have had him be part Apokoliptain technology, part Mother Box, but Young Justice wanted to get back to the core of his character and felt he didn’t need to tie directly into Darkseid as there’s already tons of that throughout season 3 and not every superhero origin needs updating. He can just be Cyborg without asking the audience to suspend disbelief that he’s somehow the only person who has ever merged with a Mother Box, and that it somehow doesn’t turn him into a tool for Darkseid to use. Leave that stuff for the live action movies.

04. Cassandra Cain (Batgirl)

Cassandra is the second Batgirl from the longest running uninterrupted Batgirl comic series (73 issues from 2000-2006), also known as Black Bat and now simply as Orphan in the current comics. She was raised from birth to only read body language and she became one of the greatest fighters in the DC universe, she abandoned her assassin father at the age of 8 when he sent her out on her first mission and forced her to kill a man. Now she vows never to take a life again or let anyone else die if she can prevent it. She ends up in Gotham where she’s found by Barbara Gordon, now in a wheelchair and a superhacker named Oracle, where she’s given the Batgirl costume and the task of protecting the city.

That’s all going to be in the show, as well as Cass learning to speak and socialise with The Team. Artemis is the one to become a second mentor to her after Oracle, given their similar backgrounds and abusive fathers, but she gains and unlikely friendship with another new recruit, Steph Brown. They hit it off and soon become close friends, gal pals even. Her growth is a slow progression throughout the season as we get to know her better and have interactions with her assassin father, David Cain.

05. Stephanie Brown

Now this is an unusual one for this list because Steph has already appeared on the show. In season 2 she had a cameo as a Reach captive in episode 10 “Before the Dawn” but that was all there was, and there have been a few other small cameos of other DC characters in the past including some that had larger roles later on, like Lagoon Boy and Barbara Gordon. So it was inevitable that Steph would get a shot at the big time soon than later.

So who is Steph? Well she is the daughter of Batman D list villain, Quizmaster, a row rent knock-off Riddler. One night Steph had enough and donned a costume to stop him. Eventually she got a promotion to Batgirl, after dying a little at first of course, so there was the possibility that she’d show up as a new Batgirl after Barbara Gordon had retired. But there is another option, something that’s been hinted at from the very beginning if fans paid attention to series co-creator Greg Weisman, and his favourite word to say to fans, Spoiler. Yes her superhero name is Spoiler and Weisman’s been slyly hinting at this all these years. You crafty bastard.

06. Sargent Marvel (Mary Bromfield)

Mary is the sister to Billy Batson, Captain Marvel, and she’s also a superhero who gains powers every time she utters the word Shazam. Calling herself Sargent Marvel she helps out Billy, the Justice League, and The Team, whenever she can. She was going to appear in season 2 but was cut for time, just like Donna Troy, because they didn’t have time to design four new character models, two for them in civilian clothes and two for them in superhero costumes. There was also a cut storyline involving her and the Marvel family that was cut when season 2 only got 20 episodes instead of the expected 26.

But she’s here now in season 3 and nothing is going to stop her from showing up ever again.

07. Vixen

Mari Jiwe McCabe is the inheritor of the totem and the powers of Vixen. Able to again the strength and abilities of the animal kingdom with just a touch of her totem. She’s a force to be reckoned with, which is why the Justice League is fast to recruit her in-between seasons 2 and 3. As of season 3 she’s the current leader of the Justice League and she’s not got an easy job ahead of her, dealing with The Light, Darkseid, his minions, Intergang sporting even more New God weapons, and of course dealing with The Team. But she’s more than up to the task.

08. Rose Wilson (Ravager)

Rose is the daughter of Deathstroke, she’s been trained as an assassin and she’s there as his right hand. She’s there to be a parallel to Artemis, representing the person she could’ve been if she had been raised purely by her father, Sportsmaster. There’s an entire arc about Artemis questioning the decisions in her life because of the death of Wally, as a way to deal with the grief. So the two of them clash and towards the end of the season Artemis reaches a turning point and she decides to help Rose and it becomes a redemption arc for her. Leading to them, along with Cassandra Cain, squaring off against their terrible dads and getting some closure for their abusive childhoods.

09. Misfit

Charlotte “Charlie” Gage-Radcliffe is Misfit, a meta-human with teleportation powers. She lost her mother in an apartment fire and now she’s homeless and trying to do good where ever she can, emulating her idol Batgirl. She makes a makeshift costume and goes out to fight crime. She’s later picked up by Oracle’s Birds of Prey and, after some convincing, Barbara lets her stay with them. From her POV we get to experience a different team of heroes on Earth 16, and the Birds of Prey are the perfect new team to usher in this new season. And an upcoming spin-off series. Though weirdly, through some time travel shenanigans that spin-off ended up in the 90s and we will never speak of it again. Never. Again.

10. The Darkseid Gang

With Darkseid and Apokolips being a big part of season 3 we’ll be seeing more of his minions as the play roles throughout the season as they plan their attacks on Earth. There’s Kalibak, Darkseid’s son and one of his strongest warriors. Granny Goodness chief torturer and moulder of minds as she breaks peoples wills with her torments to make them loyal only to Darkseid. Steppenwolf, general of Darkseid’s armies. And Kanto, who is also there.

Darkseid is looking for the Anti-Life equation, and is invading and destroying as many planets as he can in order to find it. We got hints of this in season 2 with Mongel being dethroned from his world, as well as the last arc of the comics with Brainiac and Kylstar, all subtle mentions of this threat they’re trying to face out in the vast reaches of space. His search for the equation lead him to Earth where he met Vandal Savage and the two struck up a partnership. They plan to rule the universe together using the Anti-Life equation to assert total control over the will of the universe and enslave everyone’s minds to theirs. A plan sheer elegance in its simplicity.

11. Kid Flash (Wally West, new cousin of the original)

This one’s a little bit of a trick from the showrunners, fans want Wally back and here he is… well a Wally at least. From the New 52 series of comics and also the Flash TV show comes this new Wally West. He’s a cousin to the other Wally and he’s also Kid Flash, comics everybody.

Everyone wants Wally to come back, so to subvert those expectations we’re going to get this new Wally to take his place. Fans won’t see it coming as he shows up with powers to help the Flash and The Team then joins them. It’s a bit weird for everyone on The Team to accept him given the old Kid Flash’s sacrifice. But could he also be the key to bringing the old Wally back… no, no he’s not. Wally’s dead and gone forever.

12. Donna Troy

Donna is a character who was meant to appear in season two but had to be cut because they didn’t have time to design her. But now she gets the chance to shine. She’s a controversial character in the comics because she’s known for her multiple and conflicting origins, including her being a time travelling teenage Wonder Woman, and the way the show is dealing with that is by using all of them. Everything’s on the table, no matter how bizarre it is. At one point all the different Donna Troy’s split off into their own identities and make their own team. Donna Troy and the Troyettes.

13. Damian Wayne

The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul, in the comics he’s the current Robin and also he has a prominent role in the current direct-to-DVD DC animated movies. Because of his large role in that animated universe and also because of the intricate timeline Damian will only appear as a baby in Young Justice. It will be a revealed towards the end of an episode and Bruce will not know about him till he is all grown up, just like in the other continuities. Maybe in season 5 or 6 will we get a grown up Damian. To properly capture Damian’s personality perfectly as a baby the producers went and recorded the loudest, most annoying, and obnoxious, baby cries imaginable.

14. Superboy (Jon Kent)

Jonathan Kent is son of Superman and Lois Lane from the current DC Rebirth comics. He’s a young boy who is also friends with Damian Wayne, it’s a cute friendship with them even getting their own spin-off comic, the Super Sons. Now because Damian is a baby in season 3 so is Jonathan, but he won’t get born until the end of the season. Between seasons 2 and 3 Clark and Lois got married and at the beginning of the season Lois makes the big announcement that she’s pregnant. It becomes an ongoing arc for Superman as he adjusts to the idea of fatherhood, tying back into his season 1 arc of as he adjusted to Superboy’s presence and what that meant for him. This is obviously set up for a future season where Jonathan and Damian are friends and have adventures together.

15. Green Arrow (Connor Hawke)

The son of Oliver Queen comes back from the future to warn everyone of the coming Apokolips. It ties back into the wrecked future we saw in season 2 episode 6 “Bloodlines” where at the end we see Impulse had changed the future, but things still turned out badly anyway. So now Connor is trying to change that, and hopefully not interfere with his own personal history.

Connor’s appearance also creates friction between Oliver and Dinah, as Connor’s clearly not Dinah’s child. But they work out Connor’s mother is Sandra Hawke, a woman Ollie once had a relationship with and things ended suddenly between the two. She never told him they had a child, because Ollie’s kinda terrible and screws up every kid he’s ever been near. And given how well adjusted, and non-cloned, Connor is it’s easy to see Sandra made the right choice here.

16 & 17. Thunder (Anissa Pierce) & Lightning (Jennifer Pierce)

Thunder and Lightning are the teenage daughters of Black Lightning, who at first didn’t want his baby girls involved in crime fighting but let them join The Team to help keep them safe and let them explore their powers in a safe environment. They are the mischief makers of The Team, while mostly serious on a mission they will have no end of fun in the base and try to drag as many as they can to do along with their fun. Anissa also strikes up a relationship with fellow team-mate Grace Choi, but tries to keep it a secret because she doesn’t want her father to find out she’s at that dating age.

18. Colin Wilkes

Colin is an orphan boy who was experimented on by the Scarecrow and ends up with Mr Hyde/Blockbuster powers where he gets super strength and grows into an adult body. Batman saves him and then later on he befriends Damian Wayne. The two become best friends and hand out together, Damian even getting them their own Bat-Cave, of sorts, so they can go out crime fighting while Batman is busy with Justice League stuff.

But that’s all in the future as Damian’s still just a baby in season 3. All we see in this season is Colin’s name in the hospital maternity ward when Jonathan Kent is born, just as a little cameo of things to come. Hey you all wanted these baby’s in the show, don’t blame me. Not my fault the show can’t make baby’s magically grow up to 10 year olds without skipping over huge chunks of the story.

19, 20, & 21. Iron Munro, Flying Fox, & Fury

The trinity before there was a trinity. Three superheroes who served in World War II in order to defeat the Nazis! DC made them to replace Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in stories featuring WW2 and also for other characters who had backstories tied to that era, since DC had decided it wasn’t timely to have their three biggest heroes have origins set in the 1940s.

In Young Justice these three heroes end up in the present day due to time travel shenanigans and get into a fight with their respective counterparts because they’re contractually obligated to do so. But then they learn to put their differences behind them and fight a supervillain. They go their separate ways and the old trinity return to the past to give old Adolf a thrashing. And we end on finding out Batman has some old Flying Fox comic books, because he’s a huge nerd hoarder.

22. Amethyst (Amaya/Amy Wiston)

Amy is just a regular old teenage girl, until one day she discovers she’s really the princess of another dimension called Gemworld. She goes over there and banishes the evil that had taken over the kingdom and becomes Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. Things started to get back to normal in Gemworld, but then The Light came looking to take over and steal their land. Amethyst decides the only way they can win is to contact the Justice League to get help. The Team, well Gamma Squad, gets sent over and they have adventures in Gemworld throughout the season, every so often cutting back to Earth to see what’s happening there.

23. Harley Quinn

Harley is the obvious choice if you want to continue the story of the DC universe. Due to her new found popularity thanks to the ultra mega popular Oscar award winning movie Suicide Squad, which I heard was supposed to win “best editing” but Captain Boomerang messed up when he was stealing the award so they ending up with “best make-up” instead.

Harley’s story here is going to be that she and the Joker have a major tiff at the end of a caper, and when Joker’s beating her for his screw up she kills him in self defence. Though this happens on Thanagar so Hawkwoman must come to her legal defence along with Icon in this timely Law and Order SVU in Space homage.

24. Red Beetle (Sara Butters)

Sara is trying to follow in the footsteps of her idol, Blue Beetle. Not that one the dead one. No the other dead one. She’s trying her best, and not doing too bad at it if she does say so herself, when she bumps into The Team and the current non-dead Blue Beetle. Now everyone thinks there’s going to be some romance between her and Blue, because they’re both beetles and ya know, stuff. But it really turns into a love quadrangle between Jaime, Impulse, Traci 13, and Sara. Now that’s a wild ride that could ploy be a bit too much ship even for this show.

25. Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy has a brief cameo appearance as he helps Lois as she’s dealing with being pregnant and offers advice from the time he was pregnant. It’s just a quick gag that’s never gone into any detail but is a joking reference to all the times Jimmy has been turned into something else or had a magic spell put on him during the silver age. He also shows up later to deliver this line, “well when I was giant turtle monster you didn’t see me complaining about it!”

26. Artemis

She is an Amazon from Themyscira, come to join the fight against The Light and Darkseid. There’s a brief moment where she takes over as Wonder Woman, when Diana is off world, but then she comes back and it’s no biggy. The Artemis hero name isn’t being used so there’s no problem there, but eventually people start finding it a bit weird so she starts going by Requiem, because she really liked Requiem for a Dream.

No one can quite figure out how her hair does that either. Hair physics don’t work like that!

27. Supergirl

Kara Zor-El, she’s Superman’s cousin. But also from another dimension. She comes to Earth 16 because she was travelling from Earth 1 to her home on Earth 38, and Melissa Benoist voices her. She’s a bit weirded out that everyone on Earth 16 gets cool costumes where as on Earth 1 these same heroes have some… let’s say “not as good” costumes. But she gets to have some fun and punch a dragon in her one episode adventure before she goes off to her home.

Then as she leaves another Supergirl pops up, this time from a pocket dimension, but she’s not Kryptonian. She’s an artificial shapeshifting being called Matrix made by a good version of Lex Luthor called Alexander Luthor. And she’s also an angel. Who has fire wings. But that’s a whole different story for another time.

28. White Canary (Sara Lance)

Sara is a new character created for the Arrow TV series who then went onto star in the spin-off series Legends of Tomorrow. She’s the sister of Black Canary Dianh Lance and also bisexual. She’s had a former relationship with Nissa Al Ghul, Ra’s Al Ghul’s other daughter, and is the Captain Kirk of the series. Every episode she always manages to find a woman to seduce, doesn’t matter what the situation is she will find a way. It’s a skill that comes in useful in the final fight with Darkseid as she gets all of the Furies to turn on him.

29. Tornado Champion

Created by Red Tornado because he wanted a son, his artificial boy named the Tornado Champion went out to fight crime with his dear old dad. But sadly it was not meant to be and his programming was not up to snuff so he turned villainous and renamed himself the Tornado Tyrant. He tried to take down his father, because teenagers, and he ends up being permanently taken offline with the help of Batman. A sad end to this Pinocchio story.

But sadder than that is the fact that this entire storyline got cut due to time constraints. Such is the way of things for Red Tornado it seems. But this cut story ended up in an episode of Batman the Brave and the Bold, so it all worked out in the end.

30. Deadshot

Floyd Lawton comes back onto the hitman scene after he retired to spend more with his daughter, having gotten over his death wish, as ya do. This time he’s gone back to rocking a tuxedo like nobodies business.

Screw you Tuxedo Mask, Floyd did it first!

31. Rick Flagg, Jr

He’s in it… I guess.

He has something resembling a personality and some sort of presence that is technically on screen. But hey it’s still better than that Robocop remake he was in.

He golfs with a 3 handicap.

32. Captain Boomerang

Everyone’s pissed at him over the Oscar’s screw-up. Like seriously, it’s not that hard to steal an awards show.

Why are you even on this team? All you do is throw boomerangs, how is that good on a team meant to stop Superman? Why couldn’t they make you cool like in the comics? Why did the Suicide Squad movie have to suck so much?


33. Killer Croc

He gets to do something!

Oh wait, my mistake, some navy seals did it for him.

Better luck next time buddy.

34. Slipknot

The man who can climb anything, Slipknot. He is the best there is at what he does, and what he does is a very specific and narrow skill set only a few hundred other DC characters can do. Can he climb a building? You bet he can. Can he climb a 90 foot tall boarder wall? Like it wasn’t even there. Can he climb a fence? That’s a daily jog to Slipknot. Can he climb the mathematical constant of the universe? Too easy.

That’s why The Light bring him on board, he is their most valued member in climbing the Anti-Life Equation and discovering its secrets for Darkseid. He even has over double the screen time from Suicide Squad, five whole minutes.

35. Enchantress

She’s a J-horror villain and is marketed like that, always looking spooky and scary.

Then bam, after two scenes she’s wearing a stupid bikini and shooting lighting at a blue swirly thing in the sky, because all movies need to have blue swirly things in the sky now.

Her heart’s her weakness, by the way. If you forget that don’t worry, you’ll be reminded every 10 minutes about it. Why didn’t they just blow her heart up in the first place? They could’ve ended the movie before the montages had stopped.

36. Katana

This is Katana, she’s got my back.
She can cut all of you in half with one sword stroke, just like mowing the lawn.
I would advise not getting killed by her.
Her sword traps the souls of its victims.

37. El Diablo

Well, well, well, well, well, well, well
Wow, wow, wow (hoo hoo hoo)
I was slippin’ into darkness
When they took my friend away
I was slippin’ into darkness
When they took, when they took my friend away

You know he loves to drink good whiskey (wo ho ho ho)
While laughing at the moon

Slippin’ into darkness
Take my mind beyond the dreams
I was slippin’ into darkness, yeah
Take my mind beyond the dreams

Where I talk to my brother (wo ho ho ho)
Who never said their name

Slippin’ into darkness, yeah
All my trouble so I choose
I was slippin’ into darkness, yeah
All my trouble so I choose

I got a wife and a baby, yeah yeah (oh ho ho ho)
Now my love hath gained its fame, yeah

Slippin’ into darkness, yeah
When I heard my mother say
I was slippin’ into darkness
When I heard my mother say
Hey, what’d she say what’d she say
You’ve been slippin’ into darkness (wo ho ho ho)

Pretty soon you gonna pay, hey

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh

38. Artemis (Evelyn Sharp)

The new Artemis from the Arrow TV show. Former Black Canary knock-off, she takes on the Artemis identity when she sees no one using it. That doesn’t last long and so every episode she’s in a new identity till she finds one that isn’t already taken. She tries Wonder Girl, Batgirl, Superman, Hawkman, Prometheus, Hawkeye, just nothing works for the poor girl. It takes contact from some trademark lawyers to get her to stop.

39. Jesse Quick (Jesse Chambers)

Jesse is the daughter of golden age heroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. She has super speed and goes on to date the new Wally West. She’s all kinds of awesome and kicks major butt, but somehow it’s always off screen. Every time there’s an emergency she gets told she needs to go protect Central City because it’s been left defenceless with them all off on a mission. It’s just weird how that just keep happening every single episode she’s in. Like constantly, non-stop, keeps on happening. Then she doesn’t actually get to do any protecting, if there’s a crime that needs stopping someone else always stops it first. Just keeps on happening. Constantly.

Nah, I’m just kidding, that doesn’t happen. It’d be incredibly terrible writing and what TV show would possible do that?
(looking at you Flash season 3)
(seriously WTF was that shit?)
(You’re better than this Flash writers)

40. Atom (Adam Cray)

He shrinks.

41. Atom/Atomica (Rhonda Pineda)

She also shrinks.

42. Atom (Ryan Choi)

He also also shrinks, and he had a really cool and incredibly underrated comic series written by Gail Simone that you all should track down and read! Ryan Choi is legit awesomeness. Seriously it’s a lot funnier than whatever the hell this thing you’re reading right now is.

43. Molecule (he wasn’t in enough comics to get a real name)

Oh my god how many shrinking people are in this season? How many things can be solved by shrinking? What are they going to do, have all of them shrink down and have an epic fight inside Darkseid’s head?

Wait they’re totally going to do that.

44 & 45. Zan & Jayna

The Wonder Twins! I mean come on now, they’re the Wonder Twins! From like that old cartoon show that made Aquaman famous! Who wouldn’t want these great characters on the show?

(I’ve never seen a single episode of the Superfriends, I have no clue who these characters are other than general osmosis from jokes made about the cartoon over the years. BTW yes I know Wendy and Marvin are from the Superfriends cartoon and the runaways in season 2 are based on the ethnic stereotypes from Superfriends. But serious I don’t know, don’t care, and you couldn’t pay me to watch an episode of Superfriends.)

(Unless someone wants to make me a serious offer because, ya know, I don’t have standards as you can tell by this thing you’re reading)

46. Dr Light (the bad one)

He’s a silly comic relief villain, a nice change of pace from the overly serious villains. Because you need to have a little comedy and not ever villain needs to be a serious spin on a Silver Age concept. It would just be a terrible idea to try and make him a “grim and gritty” supervillain. It would just make for like the worst comic book story, where they’d randomly turn him into a rapist because that’s all cool and edgy, and then the Justice League would turn out to be a bunch of mind wipers who mind rape their villains, and at the end of the story it’d turn out none of that even matters and was only there to play to the edgelord crowd.

Thank god that never happened and we can all just enjoy Dr Light the way he was created, as a fun comedy villain.

47. Jemm

Truly truly truly outrageous! Woah! Jemm! The music’s contagious, outrageous!

Pop band from Mars comes to Earth to try and make the big time. Rebranding themselves to Jemm after their manager tells them their previous name “Son of Saturn” wouldn’t play that well on Earth. Ultimately they keep failing and get more and more desperate as they stoop to criminal acts to try and improve their popularity. They keep getting stopped by Misfit and in the end she challenges them to a battle of the bands, loser leaves the planet, and Misfit with her band The Birds of Prey beats them in an action packed musical episode.

48. Prometheus

The man with a CD drive in his head that has the programming for all the best martial arts fighters in the world.

He’s taken down by Sportsmaster at the start of one episode, calling him an overrated villain with a very dated gimmick.

Dude, get a USB port, or somethin’. No one uses CDs anymore. Seriously.

49. Crazy Quilt

The arch-nemesis of Robin! No, seriously, this guy is the canon arch-nemesis of Robin.

In the show he keeps showing up to have a “final face off with Robin” then gets annoyed that it’s not the same Robin he has a feud with. They take him down pretty easily every time, and him and Nightwing are never on screen together.

50. Zebra Man

He is secretly the human body for Darkseid and he nearly ends the world. Because no one ever suspects the Zebra Man!

51. Mighty Endowed

The original villain for the Young Justice comic, once mild-mannered Professor Nina Dowd made contact the magical mysterious energies of the Super Cycle she was turned into the evil Mighty Endowed! With the power of hypnotic tits so large she can’t even stand up anymore without assistance! Yes they are that large! (Yet somehow she’s always drawn as having average sized breasts for a regular comic book woman, strange that. Almost like the average size in a comic book would be absurdly large in real life.)

Thanks to the show moving to Netflix they can finally put this classic Peter David creation on the air.

52. WWE Wrestlers

Yes that’s right, the WWE Wrestlers are coming to the DC universe in a special crossover episode. From the breakout success of Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery, The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown, Scooby Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon, and The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania, it is only logical that the next step is Young Justice. There is already precedent to say they are already in canon with one another with the first Scooby Doo crossover containing a special guest appearance by the Young Justice girls watching the final match on TV, they are apparently avid wrestling fans. It’s only logical that these girls would want to go meet their wrestling heroes at some point in the show.

I have it on good authority that Vince McMahon is an agent of The Light.

53. Orca

And finally we get to the end with the top requested character for Young Justice, Orca! She was once a mild mannered marine biologist, Dr Grace Balin, until an accident paralysed her. She used an experimental Orca Whale spinal tissue graft to heal herself and in the process turned herself into the mutant Orca. With her scientific funding for underprivileged kids cut off Orca turns to stealing to provide funding for her research.

Orca has made a recent resurgence, first in the current Rebirth comics and in the Lego Batman movie, so naturally she continues that resurgence into Young Justice season 3. Top insider info says she will be a big recurring villain, facing against the Team many times over the course of the season, and eventually leading to a redemption arc. She will be one of the keys to defeating Darkseid once and for all. Things are all coming up Orca in 2017.

Honourable mentions:

These are all the characters that couldn’t fit into season 3 and so they will be in season 4. Sorry gang, but there was only so much time in this season.

Duke Thomas
Jessica Cruz
Gorilla Grodd
Golden Eagle (Ch’al Andar/Charley Parker)
Northwind (Norda Cantrel)
Hawk (Hank Hall) & Dove (Dawn Granger)
Zatara (Zachary Zatara)
Tim Hunter
Bombshell (Amy Sue Allen)
Power Girl
Christopher Kent/Nightwing (Lor-Zod)
Mon-El (Lar Gand)
General Zod
Batwing (Luke Fox)
Harper Row
Thunder (Cece Beck)
Captain Thunder/Colonel Lightning (Willie Fawcett)
Cyclone (Maxine Hunkel)
Speedy (Mia Dearden)
Speedy (Thea Queen)
Emiko Queen
Ion/Kyle Rayner
Simon Baz
Jade (Jennie-Lynn Hayden)
Halo (Gabby Doe/Violet Harper)
Isis (Adrianna Tomas)
Osiris (Amon Tomaz)
Lady Quark
Wildcat (Yolanda Montez)
Sandman & Sandy
Offspring (Luke McDunnagh)
Starlight (Stella Maxwell)
Silver Banshee
Red Devil (Eddie Bloomberg)
Starman (Prince Gavyn)
Tornado Twins (Don and Dawn Allen)
Impulse (Iris “Iray” West)
Miguel Barragan (Bunker)
Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez)
AJ/Arthur Junior
Aquaman (Arthur Joseph Curry)
Greg’s knock-off Gargoyles from JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant #1 (yes this is a real thing that really happened)

And that’s everyone. All 112 new characters that will be appearing in seasons 3 and 4. There was one character that sadly couldn’t be fitted into such a packed roster, Jason Todd aka The Red Hood. His request came in too late and so he had to be put on the back-burner, maybe for seasons 5 or 6. They just had too many characters to use that the docket for the next few seasons was already filled. Sorry Todd fans, that’s showbiz.

I reached out to the showrunners to verify these accounts, Greg Weisman had this to say, “SPOILER REQUEST, NO COMMENT” the caps lock was implied by his tone.

Brandon Vetti said, “who are you? How did you get in my house? And why are you carrying a tomato?” Which I took to mean as a confirmation all these reports are true.

No word on the rumoured Orca vs The Batman live action movie, that is reportably in development. It is supposedly on it’s sixth director, with Emma Stone playing the title role after Ben Afleck’s unfortunate departure.

See you all next week for “223 reasons why Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was the most amazing movie ever!”

[so this was a fun post to make. I had the idea when season 3 was announced in November when all the fan lists of characters started appearing, so I decided to save all those lists when I saw them. I never expected there to be so many, though that did add to the parody of Top Lists. There weren’t a lot of repeats either, most of these were just one off suggestions, so it seems everyone wants someone different in season 3. The most repeated characters were Cass Cain, Steph Brown, Damian Wayne, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, Donna Troy, and of course Jason Todd. Jason was the most requested, so I obviously had to leave him off this list. 😉

Originally I wanted to do all of the list, even after I counted them up and found out it was 112 characters, because I’m stupid like that. But thankfully due to time constraints I only could do 53 and left the rest as “Honourable Mentions” since I didn’t want to waste them and thought it was funnier seeing this huge list of names without descriptions than it would be me trying to make jokes about all of them. I think we can all agree me not making jokes is funnier than me trying to.

I do wish I knew how to make posts into multiple pages, or if the WordPress Blog sites are even capable of doing that. Just to cut down on the image heavy nature of the post. The only other option was just doing multiple posts, and that would’ve ruined the joke a little bit. I did try to shrink down the image sizes as best I could, but even then it’s still 53 images that are 20MBs in total. So I’m sorry if that screwed things up for people trying to read it.

At first I had the idea to write it all as a “serious” take on what the characters would be doing in season 3, and Orca was the first one I wrote which is why it reads a bit more serious than the ones right before it. But then I started writing Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad people and I could not stop myself from making jokes about that movie. Once I had written the Katana exposition introduction from the movie I knew there was no way I could make this “serious.” So I decided to make it look serious at the start and then slowly slip more into the stupid stuff.

That Starfire image is a joke image made by one of the animators of the show about 4 years ago. It did fool a lot of fans back then, even with Nightwing’s amazing disco suit, so I thought what better way to kick this thing off. Also since Young Justice character designer Phil Bourassa works on a lot of the current DC animated movies I figured I might try and pass off a few of those designs as Season 3 art. That Cyborg image is from a Fisher Price short called “DC Super Friends The Joker’s Playhouse” that I found when looking for Cyborg images to use. I figured it might be able to fake someone out for a minute since I doubt many people are familiar with it, unlike the Justice League Doom animated movie I was going to use originally.

My favourite joke came from realising Jemm Son of Saturn (a Martian Manhunter villain) could be turned into a Jem and the Holograms parody. Then further realising that The Misfits were the rival band of Jem and, hey look at that, number 9 on the list is Misfit. Black Canary also had a band called the Birds of Prey in the current comics, so that got added in there. It all just fit into place kinda perfectly. I do now seriously wish Misfit had to fight a villain pop band from Mars. That’s like a perfect episode of Batman Brave and the Bold or Justice League Action right there.

I do have to admit I did cheat a little bit and there is one character I added in myself. Only one though, the rest are all legit fan requests. Can you guess which one?]


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  1. Out of curiosity have you seen the knew samurai jack season? It’s pretty good so far because a.) They FINALLY conclude the story b.) they can actually show violence more c.) they actually address a lot of the complaints people had (Jack is shown getting worn down by years of constant struggle with nothing to show for it, and a major part of his arc is regaining his idealism, ironically with the help of a new character who was trained to kill him.


  2. Justice young and good but gargulas and better


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