Announcement: New Blog Series Young Justice

The blog has been quiet for a little bit because I’ve been working on a new series, a rewatch of all 46 episodes of Young Justice. Now obviously doing it in the usual weekly post fashion would be impractical, that’s almost a year’s worth of posts, so the plan is to do it daily. Yes daily posts about each episode of Young Justice. I have been working on a buffer so this project doesn’t overwhelm me, just whelm me.

What is it? Well they’re not quite reviews and not quite analysis, they’re just whatever I feel like talking about after I rewatch an episode. Sometimes it’d be about the episode, and other times it’d be an idea sparked from the episode, like Superman’s parenting issues, or Zeta Tubes, or the superhero culture of Earth 16. At times I’ll talk about the fandom and their reactions to certain things in the episode. One of the regular talking points are The Light codas at the end of most episodes, and what they are saying vs what fans seem to assume they’re saying.

It’ll be fun, and I’ll try my best to keep up the daily schedule. The reason I’m doing this is the current campaign to bring Young Justice back by binging it on Netflix. Being in the UK I can’t help the cause by watching it, but I can help spread the word about it. So come back tomorrow to read my thoughts on the first episode of Young Justice.



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I'm Reaf. I run the Reaf Debrief. I'm from England so I spell things with a U and a sarcastic sense of humour.

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